Arrowtown was founded in 1862 as the cry of 'gold!' rang through the Wakatipu Basin.

As the gold rush began, a canvas town went up and the miners flooded in. The town was off to a flimsy start as the tents proved too delicate to withstand the harsh conditions of Arrowtown's four distinct seasons, so by the middle of the 1870s a more substantial town had risen.

On a one and a half hour guided walking tour with us we will fill you in  on the characters that built our town, the stories that have been passed down, and the true nature of this gorgeous place.

Whatever the season, we will make sure that you leave our town understanding a bit more about Arrowtown, and with it, our whole region.

We are locals and can help you with information to make your stay more enjoyable as well as making sure that you don't miss the highlights of our region.